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Motivational Support: 

The voice of your heart and of your soul led you here. It will be my intention to help you claim your power, recognize your highest potential and start living your best life. Warning…this might cause discomfort. We, unfortunately, are far too comfortable with mediocrity, selling ourselves short, claiming our weaknesses and living our life full of self-induced limitations. If you are ready to be temporarily uncomfortable and you are ready to start believing in the infinite possibilities that have patiently been waiting for you, I welcome you to go on this empowering journey with me. We all get knocked down…let me be the inspiration, love and support you need to get back up and claim your power and your life back with The Goddess Mindset Coaching Sessions!

One on One Goddess Sessions:

Level One Coaching: $55/one hour

30 Day Coaching Program: $199

60 Day Coaching Program: $375

21 Day Meditation Challenge: $21

7 Videos Digital Only Course: $99

Payment plans are available- Email

Group Coaching Sessions: Available/Custom Pricing

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Goddess, Wake Up! Reviews:

I feel divinely led to this course and to Ashley. Love and light exude from her being and it is rare to be able to experience such amazing breakthroughs so quickly, which I really feel is a result of her genuine encouragement and wisdom. This was a huge breakthrough for me and I know it would be for many other women as well. I am blown away by what is happening in such a short time in this course.


Goddess, Wake Up is very helpful and feels like a safe space to be honest and learn without judgement.

-G.W.U student

Thank you for all that you are doing by sharing your positive spirit and loving heart with us. But mostly, for really listening to us. It’s nice to finally be heard.


Ashley went above and beyond with me. She really listens and “hears” what you have to say. Ashley is compassionate and empathetic.

-G.W.U student

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        about the workshop

 The Goddess Mindset:


My intention is to empower you to discover and to embrace the goddess mindset. It lives within you and has been dying to be unleashed. My goal is to coach and equip you with the love, support and tools you will need to defeat low self-esteem, self-doubt and fearful ways of thinking. This will be a magical journey of self discovery, self-love and self-worth. It will help you live life to your highest potential, as you recognize fear and self-limiting beliefs you will be able to radically transform your life into empowerment and purpose.


Ashley, Thank you for sharing your story and your book with the young women who attend YWEC 2019! I think your presentation helped the girls see that they can accomplish their dreams and own their future!

Chianti C.

Thank you! Your Speech at the YWEC Conference was very Empowering! I loved every second of it.


I am an ambassador for the Young Women's Empowerment Conference, and I wanted to sincerely thank you for your words at the conference. The powerful messages you gave with the positive affirmations has truly changed my life. I recite those same affirmations every morning now and I have never felt more positive and empowered in my life. I truly appreciate you.

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