Afghan women need your love and support now more than ever. Join these 8 women from around the world as we come together partnered to raise awareness to promote women’s rights and secure visibility for women and girls threatened by poverty, disasters, armed conflict, abuse and exploitation. We stand firmly with the women and girls of Afghanistan in these difficult times and we will remain committed in supporting their safety and their full and free participation in the social, economic and political life of the country and the world. Speak these words with us as it sends love and light to those in need of it most!

I can’t wait to introduce these special women to you who are with such resilience putting love and light into the world. Although I wrote these lyrics a while ago, i knew now was the time to share them. It is because of their magical and irreplaceable voices that the words have now come to life. “A circle of women may be the most powerful force known to humanity. If you have one, EMBRACE it. If you need one, SEEK it. If you find one, for the love of all that is good and holy, DIVE in. Love it up.” -Jeanette Leblanc

Zeeka Eziagulu, representing women’s voices of Nigeria, is the Media Head at Inspire Marketing & Branding International. She is a professional voice over artist and media personality with a background in News & Entertainment reporting and has 17 years of experience in the field. Zeeka has worked on major radio and television stations around the Southwestern parts of Nigeria. She was also a member of the cast for Sesame Street Nigeria, a franchise of the popular children’s television show. Zeeka is also the host of the LBWZ Show, curated to discuss and promote healthy living. It is a lifestyle program that focuses on business, entertainment, travel, health and other relatable topics.

Anu Verma, representing women’s voices of the United Kingdom, is the founder of Victime2Victor. Her website, book, and podcast aim to empower and inspire survivors, showing them that healing from sexual and domestic abuse is possible. Anu’s life has been a roller coater of emotions and turmoil, fear and frustration stemming back t other dreadful experiences of abuse as a child. It’s her ups and downs , lows and highs that shaper her as a person , first threatening to destroy her, then revealing a path to freedom and happiness that she thought she would never find. In an urge to find peace, she penned down her tale in the form of a beautiful book narrating her life story. Victim 2 Victor leads through beautifully woven patterns of self-exploration. She launched her book in hopes that it will help others find themselves the way in which she did through travel, self-help and determination to coast off her damaging past.

Meet Australia’s voice, Neon Woman. Neon Woman is a lifestyle brand, podcast and blog embracing the neon and not so-neon of womanhood. Chloe, the voice and face behind Neon Woman’s success says, “I hate small talk but I love deep conversations. I truly believe that women shine bright like neon, especially when we use our voice to inspire, empower, educate and advocate”. If you love podcast, join Neon Woman each week as she shares the neon and not so-neon moments of life with a large cast of inspiring women. In Neon Conversations, she chats to inspiring women from all different walks of life about their origin stories, their journeys and the neon stories that they have to share. They are conversations focused on spirituality, conversations with musicians, authors, business owners and everything in between. The Neon Woman community is definitely a place to brighten your neon colors.

Jana Short of Los Angeles, California, represents women’s voices of the USA. Jana is a renowned global influencer in the health and wellness industry. She is NLP, RTT Practitioner, best-selling author, public speaker, Oh, My Health, There is HOPE! podcast host and Best Holistic Life magazine editor. Jana works creating online global influencers, teacher her clients to not only remove blocks that are holding them back but how to start that love affair with your potential online clients. She has recently been recognized and featured on the cover of Los Angeles Entrepreneur Magazine as the top influencer for 2020, Monica Garg’s “Influential Women of the World- Global Influencers 2020”, Las Vegas Entrepreneurs Magazine “Top 25 Entrepreneurs for 2020” issue and the cover of December’s Best Holistic Life Magazine. Jana is getting the message of hope out into the world in a huge way, changing the world one health expert at a time.

Meet Jennifer Senne, representing women’s voices of Guam. Jennifer has a master of arts degree in human services from Liberty University, specializing in leadership and is an advocate for chronic illness warriors. Jennifer is also the host of a new podcast called “Empowering Stories with Jenn”, where she shares stories that inspire, add value, and empower others. She loves to speak about faith, family, parenting, life experiences,, books and personal development. Jennifer is a fashionista who also enjoys singing, reading and photography. Because she knew the adverse effects of self-limiting beliefs, she became passionate about personal development, speaking about it to children and organizations. Because she believed in serving the youth, she had participated in several John Maxwell Global Youth Initiatives where she visited schools. speaking about leadership, anti-bullying, the power of self-belief and failing forward to success.

Tamara Cox and Devon Baltrus are the dynamic duo representing women’s voices of Canada. Devon and Tamara are the creators of Align & Rise Podcast in Canada. They are here to empower spiritual beings to tap into their fullest potential. Together, they share memories and experiences to inspire and uplift you. Their favorite motto “Remember you are authentic, unique and there is only ONE YOU!”. Devon and Tamara are two powerhouse women who love to chat about all the in depth experiences, opportunities and growth that they have had to navigate. Their conversations stem from their personal experiences, memories and knowledge that they have gathered along the way. If you are searching and striving for ways to be better everyday, you will love Devon & Tamara’s Align & Rise podcast.

If you are reading this blog, then you most likely know my background. In case you don’t, I represent the Southern part of the USA, as a native of Nashville, TN. I am a single mother of two, author, motivational speaker and certified Master Life Coach. I empower women, specifically divorced, single moms to embrace self love. I am honored to have recently been named “Top 30 Life Coaches to Watch Out for in 2021” by the NYC Journal. More importantly, I get to call the above goddesses my friends and my inspiration. I hope from the very bottom of my heart, that you love this inspirational video and meditation for women around the world. I hope you know you are here to do great things and that you are never alone. Connect with these amazing goddesses, follow their social media. Do whatever it takes to stay positive and feel inspired because the world needs your light. Claim your power. Recognize your highest potential. Live your best life. Rise, Goddess, Rise!

Watch You Tube Link Below and Join us in sending love & support to the women and girls of Afghanistan.