Have More Confidence I 3 Life-Changing Mindset Exercises to Awaken Your Inner Goddess -By Ashley Holt

Do you feel you have more to offer the world but you just lack that confidence to fully step into your personal power? Having more confidence and a positive mindset is going to allow you to stop playing small so that you can make a huge impact on the world and serve your highest purpose. If you have suffered with low self-esteem, trust me, I get it. I suffered with low self-esteem for most of my life. I listened to hours of positive affirmations, even while I slept, just to feel worthy. My mission is to make it much easier for you than it was for me. If you have wondered how to have more confidence, this article is going to give you three life-changing mindset exercises to incorporate into your daily life. Now, as an author, motivational speaker and empowerment coach, I have conquered low self-esteem and want you to start feeling happier and more empowered than ever before with these three secrets! It’s time to start turning your fears and self-limiting beliefs into infinite potential and massive self-confidence! It was never easy for me to feel good about myself, especially as a single mom, until I started doing these 3 things every day!

The first secret to have more confidence is to set the intention. Intentions are your daily GPS for how to live to your highest potential every day. Intentions give you daily purpose, inspiration and motivation rather than a long-term goal for the future. It brings your attention and focus to the present moment. Setting the intention, focuses your attention. Here is one of my favorite intentions that I write and say daily: “I am open to receive guidance, strength and courage to step into my life’s highest purpose.”  If you were going to jump in the car and drive cross-country, you would plug your destination into your GPS. You could choose not to but it would take you a lot longer before you reached your destination. Use a powerful intention or set your GPS every day to help you be more confident in who you are, what you want and where you want to go! 

“When we intentionally create space in our lives, we can intentionally decide what to fill it with.” – Cait Flanders

The second secret to have more confidence is the power of visualization. Visualization practices allow you to get creative! Creative visualization is a mental technique that uses the imagination to make dreams and goals come true! By visualizing your most confident self, you are attracting it into your life! The power of visualization is a must-have exercise for your daily life. Set a goal to do this for two minutes every day. What do these visions look like for you? How does the world react to this more confident you?  This two-minute exercise is important because you are opening up your mind to possibility! By doing this visualization process, you are attracting it into your life and tricking the mind to think it has already been done. When you become ready to step into your next opportunity your body will not react with as much fear because your mind has been trained to see the positive outcome. There is only one you and your visualizations are unique to you!  Start taking time to imagine your infinite potential. I want to empower you to begin giving power to your potential instead of your fears or your pain.

The third life-changing mindset exercise to have more confidence is the power of journaling. You don’t have to be a writer, an author or eloquent at all for this practice. This is for your eyes only. This is a sacred place for you to see and hear you. Thoughts become things. Every thing that is here now in this physical world was once a thought! For example, each book I wrote, my podcast, my coaching courses- they were all once a thought. Once you write your visions on paper, they are no longer a thought. This practice is the first step into turning a thought in to an actual thing. This step has the power to turn your thoughts into an action plan, then into small achievable steps for you to take each day.

All of these life-changing exercises are life-changing if you DO them every day.

1. Set Your Intention (I am open to receive guidance, strength and courage to step into my life’s highest purpose)

2. Visualize for two minutes daily (check out my 5-minute goddess meditation on You Tube)

3. Journal your visions of your dreams and goals

These three life-changing exercises will help you start getting outside your comfort zone, overcome any negative self-talk and help you connect to your highest potential. These three exercises will help you embody your most confident self. The most confident you is the BEST you. The most confident you will serve the world and the world needs you. You are here with purpose. You are here to do great things. Your dreams are your destiny. Now, go do the great things that you are here to do.

*Ashley Holt is a best-selling author, motivational speaker and empowerment coach that has helped women across the country embrace self-love with her 28-day Goddess Mindset Transformation workshop. Her newest book release “Goddess, Wake Up!” is available now on amazon.

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