I looked up the spiritual meaning of the Mimosa Tree. The answer was Happiness.

Mimosas grow where the soil has taken a beating. In fact, because they tolerate such poor soil and are capable of fixing nitrogen in the dirt, they are suitable for waste landfill remediation to enhance landscape. It is a tree that heals destroyed land. Its bark is used in Chinese herbal tea to uplift those with grief and anger.

I stop and take that in. What a beautiful thought.

Every day for four years, I have sat underneath this particular Mimosa tree. It knows my frustrations, my anger, my sadness. It knows my forgiveness. It knows my joy, my happiness and my deepest heart’s desires. It knows my intentions behind every conscious choice and decision. It has been a place where I hear and see my own heart and soul and where the seeds of my biggest dreams have been planted.

I am at a cross-road, many doors have closed and just as many new doors have opened. It is a time of chaos and creation. It is a time of destruction and resurrection. It is a time of pure potential and infinite possibilities. Fear of uncertainty can be a prison of the past but I choose for uncertainty to be freedom of my future.

The universe is always speaking and answering you. Are you listening? The universe speaks its own language. Sometimes through snakes and vultures and sometimes through butterflies, cardinals and hummingbirds. It speaks to us through the elementals, the direction of the wind, the stillness or the flow of a river, through the moon and the stars. I ask you today, to see what is speaking to you and all the signs you might be missing.

The mimosa tree I sit under every day- it knows the judgement, the criticism, the opinions of others and the projection of their own fears upon me. It also knows the transcendence and transformation from criticism to fearlessness, from judgement to bravery. As the mimosa would say- from trash to treasure, from doubt to happiness. Who is to say that trees can’t speak to us? Maybe we just aren’t listening or choosing not to hear.

It speaks to me because everyday it is a reminder to transmute, transcend and transform “what is” to “something more”, something better for the highest good. That is power. That is love. Just like the pink blossom of the mimosa that speaks to me, what is speaking to you? What has a message for you if you only make the decision to look under each and every perceived rock.

There are many rocks in front of you or on your path. Are they rocks or are they stepping stones leading you along the way? Is it a tree or a message? Is it a bird or a calling? I challenge you to question everything you see and seek the deeper meaning in everything upon your path.

I choose to see the path before me…the path of mindfulness and awareness. I choose to see the path of love and compassion. I choose to see and seek out the path of courage and bravery. I am ready for the new doors to open now and I am so grateful for the signs of the universe that led me there.

The Mimosa and its message of Happiness, also reminds me to find the blessing in the storm. I feel my father’s presence. I hear his voice in the wind and he says, “You can create rainbows or you can create a bigger storm. You create rainbows”. His voice that I hear is followed with a vision, a memory of the drawings I did for him as a child. They are filled with rainbows. So today, I choose to take his advice and change the mantra from I am thankful for the blessing in the storm and change it to I am grateful that I am a creator of rainbows.