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 Hello Goddess!

My name is Ashley Holt and my mission is to empower YOU to awaken your inner goddess. I want to empower you to claim your power, recognize your highest potential and live your best life by embracing self love with my goddess mindset transformation workshops and 1-1 coaching programs. 

I have battled low self-esteem, self-doubt and fearful ways of thinking for most of my life. My work is a compilation of the most effective teachings I have used to transform my fearful ways of thinking into self-discovery, self-love and self-worth. I am a passionate student of #1 New York Times best-selling author and Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday expert, Gabrielle Bernstein’s Masterclass and also recognized as “The Top 30 Life Coaches to Watch Out for in 2021” by the NYC Journal.

As a certified master life coach, I am also certified in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), REBT and other holistic healing practices. My passion to help children, teens and women find their voice and to live life to their highest potential has led me to my work as an author, speaker and empowerment coach. My goal is to help you recognize fear and self-limiting beliefs so that you may radically transform them in to self-love, empowerment and purpose.

I hope you will trust my ability to empower you to ignore and overcome the voice inside your head that will relentlessly tell you that you are not enough. That voice is a liar. I hope to encourage you to stand in your own personal truth and to honor the light you are here to bring into this world.  


 Motivational Speaking

Ashley Holt is passionate and committed to bringing women’s voices and leadership into the world. Ashley is a mother of two daughters, best-selling author, nonprofit founder, speaker and former Mrs. International Finalist. After facing divorce and becoming a single parent, Ashley reinvented her life and turned her pain into power and purpose.

Ashley’s dynamic professional experience includes a successful career with a Fortune 500 company where she excelled in personal development, coaching and women’s leadership roles. She is currently connecting women to their community through her impactful role with the South’s largest digital publication for women.

Ashley is very active in various organizations that work to empower women and girls. Her intention is to empower girls and women of all ages to discover their own unique power and awaken their inner goddess. Through her books and numerous public speaking, television and radio appearances, she is fulfilling her passion as a mentor with a mission and empowerment coach to create a safe space for children, teens and women of all ages to claim their power, recognize their highest potential and live their best life.

Ashley has a powerful voice and message for any generation. Her dynamic and energetic speaking platform is uniquely designed to provide tailored keynotes, seminars and workshops that are engaging and ensure a memorable experience every time. She creates her programs to fit your needs. Her workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions offer remarkable insight to help you develop and implement your personal dreams and goals. Some of Ashley’s speaking topics include… Living Life to Your Highest Potential, Building Self-Confidence through Intentional Living, The Goddess Mindset for Female Entrepreneurs, The Power of Intentional Living for Women in Business and Freedom from Your Inner Critic. Her words will inspire you to dream big, focus on what matters and to embrace a life filled with infinite love and possibilities.

Be Fearless 

Be Strong

Be Brave


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My Book Collection

 I Am B.R.A.V.E is Ashley’s fourth book. Her mission through all of her works is to build self-esteem in  children through positive affirmations. Her other works include Miko the Perfectly Imperfect Pug, Fearless with Finley and Make A Wish with Marley

What People are Saying About Ashley

"This is a great book for mother and daughters to use together to navigate through the teen years! Great for all females no matter their age. Very inspiring!"


"I absolutely LOVE this book!! I, myself am a HUGE believer in affirmations and personal growth/development. This is the PERFECT book for my young daughters to help them develop their own wings. It teaches confidence, courage, and self-love; all of which are so important for young girls to learn. You will not regret this book! Its the FIRST of many personal growth books that I will give to my babies! :)"

Sara A. Spence


I am an ambassador for the Young Women's Empowerment Conference, and I wanted to sincerely thank you for your words at the conference. The powerful messages you gave with the positive affirmations has truly changed my life. I recite those same affirmations every morning now and I have never felt more positive and empowered in my life. I truly appreciate you.

Your message and book has truly touched my spirit. I am going to incorporate positive affirmations into my life everyday. Thanks again!

Chelsea  J

Ashley, Thank you for sharing your story and your book with the young women who attend YWEC 2019! I think your presentation helped the girls see that they can accomplish their dreams and own their future!

Chianti C.

Thank you! Your Speech at the YWEC Conference was very Empowering! I loved every second of it.


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